Can I Pull Off A Mermaid Wedding Dress?

If you’ve been perusing the vastness of the Internet for wedding dress ideas, you may have come across the modern, dramatic mermaid wedding dress silhouette. This style can sometimes be associated with glamorous celebrities who want to show off their hot bods, but don’t rule it out if you’re not a Kardashian! The mermaid wedding […]

Why Are There So Many Wedding Dress Styles and What Even Are They?

If you’re in the market for a wedding dress (congratulations!), you may already be overwhelmed at the sheer volume of styles to choose from. With the variety of designers, fabrics, embellishments, shapes, and colors, no wedding dress will look the same on any bride, especially after alterations. Most dresses can be categorized into a few […]

The Top 15 Wedding Designers Who Can Make Your Dream Dress in 2015

If you live on this planet and have ever witnessed any form of entertainment, you’ve probably heard of a few wedding dress designers. Though bridal may not be the only fashion they create, they’re known for releasing the world’s most exclusive bridal designs in the industry. The top wedding dress designers in 2015 are all […]

How to Find a Wedding Dress if You’re Worried Your Breasts are Too Big

So, you’re a big-breasted woman who’s getting married. Congratulations! On both things! There’s no need to be ashamed of your bust. You may think that wedding dresses are created for the stick-thin model types, but try to remember that wedding dresses are made for everyone. You might have to take a little more into consideration […]

What Makes Vera Wang Couture Wedding Gowns so Freakin’ Special, Anyway?

Unless you live on a secluded island where no one’s ever heard of “the bridal industry”, you’ve probably heard that couture wedding dresses are expensive. The most famous couture wedding dresses are created by none other than the household-renowned Vera Wang. Her dresses are featured in movies, TV shows, and anywhere there’s even a passing […]

The Modern Rules of Vintage Weddings

  Vintage is all the rage these days. There are entire stores dedicated to vintage-style clothes and they sell out before you can say “Casablanca.” The most beautiful touch to a stylized wedding can be a vintage wedding dress. While an authentic vintage wedding dress can be hard to come by, it may be worth […]

The Injustice of Being a Plus Sized Bride

There are millions of women who are fall into the “plus-size” category, yet there don’t seem to be many plus size bridal dresses in the major brick-and-mortar stores for brides to try on. It can be intimidating, disappointing, and downright depressing to search in stores to no avail. But there are ways you can prepare […]

How to Find the Style of Bridal Shoe for You

Shoes are the often overlooked, yet utmost vital accessory of any wedding. With the different variety of fabrics, embellishments, colors, and styles, choosing bridal shoes is almost as intimidating as buying your wedding dress! But the shoes have an important function: to carry you around all wedding-day long and to make sure you’re not wasting […]

How to Find an Expensive-Looking Cheap Wedding Dress

If you’ve ever read a word about the wedding industry, you know that brides sometimes spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress. If you’re wondering if you’re the only bride who isn’t secretly wealthy, do not fret. Spending a lot isn’t the only way you can get a beautiful, high-quality wedding gown. There are […]

Finding Your Perfect Lace Wedding Dress

Lace wedding dresses are a beautiful and versatile trend in wedding fashion. Modern options aren’t your grandmother’s lace wedding dress; the image of the 1970s gown with long, ruffled sleeves and lace coverage up to the chin. The dresses of today can be anything you want them to be: sexy, modern, bohemian, glamorous, classic, or […]