Finding Your Perfect Lace Wedding Dress


A perfect lace wedding dress will highlight your silhouette. Although laced wedding dresses were more popular in the 70’s , it’s coming back with more modern options.

Lace wedding dresses are a beautiful and versatile trend in wedding fashion. Modern options aren’t your grandmother’s lace wedding dress; the image of the 1970s gown with long, ruffled sleeves and lace coverage up to the chin. The dresses of today can be anything you want them to be: sexy, modern, bohemian, glamorous, classic, or vintage-inspired. Because lace wedding dresses are such a trend, it can be difficult to decide what you want in a dress, but with a few tips you’ll be sure to find the best dress for you.

Make Sure it Matches Your Style

The most important thing is to find a lace wedding dress that reflects you, your personality, and your wedding. If you’re having an outdoor beach wedding, you could go for an open-backed and flowy lace dress. If your wedding is more formal and the ceremony takes place in a church, you can have a lace jacket to wear for the ceremony, or find a traditional dress with lace sleeves. Whatever you decide, make sure it fits in a way that makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Don’t Go Overboard

Lace is gorgeous, but it can be overwhelming f it isn’t used with some restraint (again – think 1970s). If you wear an exclusively lace wedding dress, try some shoes in a different style and avoid wearing lace embellishments in your hair or on your veil. To avoid having too much lace in your wedding dress, it might be worth considering incorporating lace embellishments on your otherwise non-lace dress. This can also save on cost, as high-quality lace can be pricey.

What to Remember About Lace

Lace is different than other fabrics utilized for creating wedding dresses. It comes in a wide variety of patterns, styles, shapes, and it’s created in a range of ways as well. Take these things into consideration when shipping for your lace wedding dres.

It’s Delicate

High-quality lace is fragile. If you’re a bride who wants to have a bunch of fun on your wedding day – or if your wedding is in a climate that changes frequently and can be harsh, a lace wedding dress may not be for you. It can get damaged easily by just about anything – being pulled too hard, something sharp brushing against it or snagging it, or it getting caught in something. It’s also difficult, if not impossible, to repair. Of course no one intends for these things to happen, but at a wedding, you truly never know. Be careful with your lace wedding dress!

Quality Varies

Lace comes in an almost overwhelming variety of levels of quality. If a lace wedding dress is factory-made, it may look cheap compared to one that was handmade. The more time and money that went into the creation of the lace on your wedding gown, the higher the price of the gown. Be sure to look at a lace wedding dress up close to inspect details, especially if you plan on getting alterations. A cheaper made wedding dress can be difficult to alter if the construction isn’t quality. If you want to incorporate lace into your wedding dress but can’t afford an entirely lace dress made of high-quality material, consider adding a few touches to your dress – appliqués, a jacket, or other embellishments can give you the feel you were going for without breaking the bank or sacrificing style and beauty.

Lace wedding dresses are popular for a reason. They’re beautiful, come in a wide variety to suit any bride’s wants, and they’re a timeless classic that you can look back on – hopefully – with pride and confidence.