How to Find a Wedding Dress if You’re Worried Your Breasts are Too Big

So, you’re a big-breasted woman who’s getting married. Congratulations! On both things! There’s no need to be ashamed of your bust. You may think that wedding dresses are created for the stick-thin model types, but try to remember that wedding dresses are made for everyone. You might have to take a little more into consideration when looking for your dress than other, less-endowed women, but you’ll be able to find the perfect wedding dress for you, your bust size, and your beautiful day.

Don’t Rule Out Any Styles

A lot of busty women rule out many styles of wedding dress, thinking “if it doesn’t look good on me in regular dresses, it definitely won’t look good on me in bridal.” Well, that’s not always true. For example, many larger breasted women end up wearing strapless gowns on their wedding days. There’s a reason this is flattering on busty women: the open décolletage actually draws attention away from your breasts, and the larger skirt of an A-line strapless dress balances the overall look, making you look like the perfect hourglass. It’s bridal magic! Lesson: don’t rule anything out just because you don’t think you and your big breasts can’t pull it off.

Remember, Dresses Can Be Customized

When you go shopping for a dress, you’ll likely need to order the size that fits your bust, no matter what your pants size is. Remember that it’s much easier to alter a dress inwards than outwards, so you’ll order a dress that fits the bust and then the rest of it will be altered perfectly.

If you’re a woman who has vastly different measurements – say, you’re a medium in the hips, a small in the waist, and an extra large in the bust – then you might want to consider getting a dress custom made. Don’t balk because you think it’s too expensive. There are lots of independent wedding dress designers that can take your measurements and make the perfect dress for you, and often do it cheaper than buying a dress off the rack and getting it altered dramatically.

Look for Structure

When you’re a busty woman looking for a wedding dress, structure is your friend. Find a dress that has some boning or corsetry in the bodice to hold everything in place. Many big-breasted brides have had good luck with corset backs – you can have your strongest bridesmaid lace you up so tight, you won’t have to worry about anything flying out of place while you’re dancing The Macarena.

Splurge on a Good Bra

As a busty woman, you probably know that bras are incredibly important. Your wedding bra is no exception. But never fear! There are bras made for every occasion and size. If you want to go backless on your wedding dress, there are longline backless bras for you. If you’re wearing a strapless gown, there are high-quality bras that can handle your bust while you’re dancing away during your reception. Just make sure you wear the bra you buy for your wedding day to the final fitting so you know you’ll be comfortable and confident on the big day.

See? That wasn’t so bad, was it? Shopping for a wedding dress as a big-breasted woman doesn’t have to be painful Women’s bodies come in all different shapes and sizes. Every bride has options and can find a dress that will make he