How to Find an Expensive-Looking Cheap Wedding Dress

gorgeous wedding dress

Your wedding dress does not necessarily have to be expensive. Your wedding dress is somewhere out there. Look for it with wild abandon, you’ll only do this once in your lifetime!

If you’ve ever read a word about the wedding industry, you know that brides sometimes spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress. If you’re wondering if you’re the only bride who isn’t secretly wealthy, do not fret. Spending a lot isn’t the only way you can get a beautiful, high-quality wedding gown. There are many ways to find cheap wedding dresses that reflect your style.


Although some brides may not like the idea of wearing a secondhand wedding dress, the possibility to save makes it worth reconsidering. A secondhand dress –bought in-store or online – can save hundreds of dollars, depending on the age and the quality of the dress. A secondhand dress can also be altered to your liking. If you want to keep the overall design but change some embellishments, a talented seamstress can make your wedding dress dreams come true.


Wedding dress rental is a trend that’s picking up speed. And for good reason! Grooms have been renting their tuxes since the beginning of the modern wedding industry – so why can’t brides?! This could be the perfect option. Vendors offer a variety of styles and will tailor the size to you before sending it your way.


There can’t be a discussion about finding cheap wedding dresses without factoring the possibilities found online. It can be tricky to navigate the world of discount dress sites and independent designers, but a few tips will ensure you get what you want for a price you can gloat about to all the brides spending thousands on their gowns.

Ask a Million Questions

If you’re buying a dress online – whether it’s secondhand, from a discount site, or made by an independent designer – you want to make sure you know what you’re getting. Ask as many questions as you can to make sure you understand what you’re getting. Ask to see up close photos of the details of the dress, or see if you can get sent a swatch of the fabric. Always make sure to ask about return/exchange policies. You don’t want to be stuck with a cheap wedding dress you don’t feel good in on your wedding day.

Don’t Lie About Your Measurements

Although you might be embarrassed about the size of your hips, now is not the time to disguise your measurements. For one thing – you’re beautiful! You don’t need to lie about anything. But more importantly, your dress vendor or designer needs to know your exact measurements to make the dress fit you perfectly. Make sure you include where you want the dress to fall and what height your shoes are so your dress doesn’t end up too long or too short for you.

Know Your Style

Although you should be open to trying new things, now is not the time experiment with your personal style. You want to make sure you like you on your wedding day, and you want to feel confident and beautiful. Try thinking about your current wardrobe and pick out a few outfits you feel confident in. What is it about them that make you feel good? Look for those features online, and you’ll be sure to find a cheap yet beautiful wedding dress that’s perfect for you, your wedding, and your budget.