How to Find the Style of Bridal Shoe for You

wedding shoes

Remember, it’s equally important as your wedding dress!

Shoes are the often overlooked, yet utmost vital accessory of any wedding. With the different variety of fabrics, embellishments, colors, and styles, choosing bridal shoes is almost as intimidating as buying your wedding dress! But the shoes have an important function: to carry you around all wedding-day long and to make sure you’re not wasting time treating painful calluses on the honeymoon. Unlike your wedding dress, the bridal shoes can even be worn again! All the more reason you want to find the perfect style of bridal shoe for you and your wedding.

Consider the Setting + Activities

What’s your wedding day going to be like? Is it outside? Is it during a rainy season? Are you going on a ten mile hike? No matter what you’re doing on your wedding day, you can definitely count on standing up. Between photos, the ceremony, mingling, and dancing, it’s pretty much guaranteed that that’s what you’ll be doing all day. And weddings can turn out to be very long days. It’s important that you make sure your bridal shoes fit the setting appropriately. If your wedding is outdoors on grass or on a beach, a tall stiletto will have you sinking into the ground, getting dirt all over your heel. In that instance, a wedge heel or flats would be a good idea. If your wedding takes place in the winter and you want some photos outside, wear some bridal shoes that won’t get destroyed if they get a little damp – so silk or suede might be out. You can even wear cute snow boots with your wedding dress!

Don’t be Afraid to be Different

Quickly think of your favorite thing! How can that thing be translated into shoes? Whether you’re into cowboy boots, hiking boots, or space boots, no one says you have to wear actual white bridal shoes to your wedding. You’ve already got the traditional white dress – now let your shoes be a true reflection of your personality! You can wear colorful shoes, sneakers, or whatever floats your boat. You could even wear boat shoes!

Know What Makes you Comfortable

It’s your wedding day. You don’t want to look back on your photos years later and notice the face you were making while wincing in your painful shoes. What kinds of shoes to you usually wear? If you’re usually into flats, your wedding day is not the time to experiment to see if you could handle walking in 3-inch stilettos, no matter how pretty (and on sale!) they were at the store. You want your wedding to be remembered as a day that celebrates love and joy, not for the viral YouTube video of the bride falling on her face because she tripped over her own feet. And no matter what shoes you decide to wear, remember to take some time before the wedding to break them in!

Your bridal shoes will be with you through the bridal party brunch to the salon to the hotel after-party. Make sure you give your trusty companions the thought they deserve. It may be tempting to opt for the prettiest and glitziest bridal shoes at the store, but your shoes are so much more than an accessory! They’re what will carry you through one of the most memorable days of your life.