The Modern Rules of Vintage Weddings

Vintage style weddings are getting more popular nowadays. When vintage wedding dress hunting, bring your bridesmaid along, they may find vintage bridesmaid too to complete your wedding’s dress theme.


Vintage is all the rage these days. There are entire stores dedicated to vintage-style clothes and they sell out before you can say “Casablanca.” The most beautiful touch to a stylized wedding can be a vintage wedding dress. While an authentic vintage wedding dress can be hard to come by, it may be worth the search for a truly one-of-a-kind look. And if you can’t find the real deal, at least you know there are places to get something in the style of the era you’re shooting for.

Real Vintage

A true vintage wedding dress – whether bought at online, at a store, or passed down to you from a family member – has a story behind it, making it a truly special addition to your wedding festivities. Real vintage wedding dresses can be challenging to find. For one thing, the 70s and 80s were not great years for wedding dress fashion, so that leaves dresses from the 60s and before. The older dresses are beautiful and unique, but their age can seriously start to show in the quality of the dress. If you have a vintage wedding dress that isn’t in the best shape, it’s an option to incorporate a piece of that dress into a new one, giving it the look you want without having to spend the money to repair the original gown. If you want to go on a hunt for a vintage wedding dress, it can be fun to take your bridesmaids out and look all together so they can try to find some vintage bridesmaids dresses to complete the theme.


Because not everyone can have a beautiful, authentic vintage wedding dress, plenty of stores carry reproductions and modern updates on the vintage style. You can often search online for the era you’re looking for and plenty of dresses will pop up. Make sure you know the era or the look you’re going for; 1920s style looks dramatically different than 1950s style wedding dresses. You could also find a pattern of a vintage wedding dress and have a seamstress try to recreate it.

Bridesmaids Dresses

To complete the vintage wedding, it’s a nice touch to include vintage bridesmaid’s dresses. If searching for a true vintage original didn’t work, there are plenty of ways to find vintage style bridesmaid’s dresses. You could look online by era to find many dresses that fit your unique style. Give your bridesmaids a color scheme and have them go forth and search! No one said you have to go to a bridal salon to shop for bridesmaid’s dresses. Dresses found online may be cheaper and come in a wider variety than in a store, and you and your bridesmaids will have more control over the vintage style bridesmaid’s dress you’re looking for.

Vintage weddings are a beautiful homage to the styles of the past. Whether you find an original vintage wedding dress or find a way to incorporate vintage elements into your dress or your bridesmaid’s dresses, you and your sweetheart are sure to throw a rockin’ party.