What Makes Vera Wang Couture Wedding Gowns so Freakin’ Special, Anyway?

Vera wang

Vera Wang is one of the most popular couture wedding dress designers. Her creations are very popular because they stand out with.

Unless you live on a secluded island where no one’s ever heard of “the bridal industry”, you’ve probably heard that couture wedding dresses are expensive. The most famous couture wedding dresses are created by none other than the household-renowned Vera Wang. Her dresses are featured in movies, TV shows, and anywhere there’s even a passing mention of wedding dresses. But why are Vera Wang wedding dresses so special? And what warrants the hefty price tag of couture wedding dresses at all?

What Even is Couture?

Don’t be embarrassed if you don’t know what couture even means. It’s something you may have heard your whole life, but no one ever sat you down and explained it. Until now! Couture is short for the French term “haute couture,” which basically means “high fashion.” Couture clothes are commonly made-to-order using a person’s specific measurements. They’re associated with a certain level of artistry and fashion, often created by the world’s leading fashion designers. Couture wedding dresses are the same – they’re high-end, high-quality, and tailored to fit the bride. They are often hand made from start to finish using the highest quality of fabrics, often unique or rare. They’re the best of the best and, for the bride who can afford it, offer some of the most breathtaking wedding gowns in the world.

Who Cares?

You might be wondering why anyone would want to spend upwards of tens of thousands of dollars on a couture wedding dress at all. Well, many will argue that couture wedding dresses, especially Vera Wang wedding dresses, are worth the extravagant price tag. But why, though?

High Fashion

Vera Wang justifies her wedding dress prices by describing how much work gets put into each and every one of her wedding dresses. She is involved in the creative process from start to finish. For this reason, each of Vera Wang’s wedding dresses is completely unique – there certainly won’t be anybody wearing the same dress as you.


Vera Wang and other couture wedding dress designers are typically, first and foremost, fashion designers. This means their wedding dresses are groundbreaking and often set the trends for other wedding dresses in the industry. Couture wedding dress designers regularly come out with a collection of entirely new designs – they’re constantly creating, updating, and shifting the way wedding dresses are worn. Couture wedding dresses are all unique – yet versatile – and can be created to perfection for any wedding theme or bride.

Seriously High Quality

Of course, you must expect that wedding dresses so expensive are made of quality materials. The materials used in couture wedding dresses can vary widely. Some gowns are adorned with crystals or diamonds, while others may feature intricate beadwork or delicate, hand-made lace. There are no factory-made gowns or embellishments involved in couture wedding dresses!

The old saying that “you get what you pay for” hasn’t held up for nothing. With Vera Wang wedding dresses, you may be paying for the iconic name, but you’re also paying for possibly the highest quality couture wedding dress in existence. The innovation, technical detail, and uniqueness the gown brings to you and your wedding may be worth its weight in gold – gold that could also be attached to your astonishing couture wedding dress!