Why Are There So Many Wedding Dress Styles and What Even Are They?

If you’re in the market for a wedding dress (congratulations!), you may already be overwhelmed at the sheer volume of styles to choose from. With the variety of designers, fabrics, embellishments, shapes, and colors, no wedding dress will look the same on any bride, especially after alterations. Most dresses can be categorized into a few different basic silhouettes. Knowing them can make your search that much easier.

Wedding dresses comes in different styles know their differences and know which style fits your body type and personality.

Ball gown

A ball gown is what you picture when you think of princess weddings. They have a fitted bodice that flares dramatically at the waist with a full skirt, often with a lot of tulle and volume. Think big, white cupcake. Only glamorous. This dress is for the bride who’s dreamed of her wedding day ever since watching Cinderella transform into her big, silver ball gown.


The mermaid gown is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a silhouette that looks like The Little Mermaid in wedding dress form. It’s form-fitted on the entire body from chest to knee and flares out close to the knee – you know, the flippers. The mermaid gown is a modern silhouette that’s for the bride who wants to show off her body (it’s not vain – you’re beautiful, own it!) Seashell bikini top optional.


The A-line dress is the universal flatterer. It can fit any bride and look great, no matter what body shape. It’s a classic shape with a fitted bodice at the waist, and then a skirt that flows out in an ‘A’ formation (GET IT?) down to the ankle. This is a versatile, beautiful option for any bride.


Contrary to its name, the trumpet style wedding dress silhouette will not make you look like a clunky brass band instrument. It’s a modern shape, fitted through the body, flaring mid-thigh. It’s similar to a mermaid style, but the flare begins higher up on the gown, offering a little more movement and a more classic silhouette.


The sheath wedding gown shape is simple and slender. It flows straight down, often fitted, but sometimes comes in silky fabrics that offer a more flowy vibe. This dress is great for beach weddings or any bride who wants a simple, classic shape.


The column or empire wedding gown is fitted at the waist and immediately flows in an A-line all the way down. This beautiful gown style is flowy and flattering on anyone.

All women are different with different bodies and cannot be categorized into shapes. But wedding dresses can! It helps to know what the shapes are when looking for wedding gowns to understand what the consultant may be offering you and to get what you really want. No matter which style of wedding dress you choose, you’ll definitely be the most beautiful bride in all the land (or sea – if you go for a mermaid gown).